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Is Hemp Oil Legal?

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With more and more people realizing the many benefits of hemp, you’ll now find it almost everywhere. But is hemp oil legal in your place? Do you know the legalities surrounding this substance, which is a close cousin of marijuana?

The laws and regulations on the recreational and medical use of hemp are constantly changing in various countries all over the world. Now that the vast medical potential of hemp has slowly been discovered, legal restrictions on the cultivation, production, and distribution of this plant have also been reduced.

But is hemp oil legal in your area?

Cannabis vs. Hemp

In order to determine the legalities of hemp in your area, it is best to understand the difference between hemp and cannabis. Although these two are closely related to each other, they are totally different and have different components as well.

Cannabis is derived from certain plant species known as cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Because of the constant human-based and natural cross-breeding of these species, they rarely appear in the original form anymore. Their THC content varies as well. THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that gets people high.

Hemp is a plant that’s also derived from cannabis sativa but has a much lower concentration of THC, which is why it will not make people high. Industrial hemp is used for producing different kinds of products, such as textile, clothing, building materials, animal feed, and many more.

Is Hemp Oil Legal?

Although hemp will not make people high unlike marijuana, which is a highly prohibited substance, the laws and regulations surrounding hemp vary from one country to another. It’s important that you know the legal status of hemp in your area before you decide to use or consume it in any way. For instance, in the United States, hemp is only considered legal if it contains less than 0.3% of THC. The THC limit in hemp will also vary depending on the country or state.

Detailed Research is Required

It’s highly recommended that you do detailed research on the latest regulations and laws concerning THC and CBD use before you visit another country. If you are not sure about the laws of hemp in a particular country you are visiting, it’s not advised to bring any hemp-derived products with you on the plane even if the level of THC in them is extremely low. When planning for your trip, make sure you do your research well about the laws and regulations of hemp in the place you intend to visit.

Hemp-Derived CBD Extracts

The CBD is a chemical compound that’s found in both hemp and cannabis. The sale and consumption of hemp-derived CBD products is legal in most countries around the world but cannabis-derived CBD is illegal in several countries. If you find yourself asking, is hemp oil legal in my country? Your best bet is to do your research. Do not just take any chances or you’ll end up in jail.

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