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Is Hemp Oil Good for Diabetes?

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Hem oil is considered a powerful substance that’s capable of treating a wide range of conditions, including diabetes. But some people are still doubtful of its ability to treat this condition and ask is hemp oil good for diabetes?

More than a 100 million American adults are currently suffering from diabetes. Indeed, the prevalence of this condition in the US is considered a serious problem. Researchers and doctors have continuously been looking for ways to effectively solve this problem. One of the possible solutions that they can find when it comes to treating diabetes is hemp oil, along with other CBD-infused products.

But is there a link between hemp oil and diabetes treatment? Is hemp oil good for diabetes? Read on to find out.

Using Hemp Oil to Treat Diabetes

Based on the studies conducted by researchers all around the world, there have been lots of positive connections between diabetes and hemp oil and below are some of the main ones:

  1. Insulin Resistance Treatment

Insulin resistance is a condition where the body cells reject insulin, the hormones produced by the pancreas in order to help regulate the level of blood sugar in the body. Once your body cells reject insulin, your cells won’t be able to absorb glucose, which is required for energy. This will make the glucose to buildup in the bloodstream and will eventually trigger high blood.

  1. Diabetes Prevention

Hemp oil will not only treat diabetes but it can also help to prevent the disease from occurring. It was found that those patients who were previously using hemp or cannabis but are not current users had better fasting insulin and a better level of cholesterol compared to those who had never tried using it.

  1. Obesity Prevention

Health experts say that a large waist circumference and obesity are two of the biggest risk factors for type 2 diabetes. According to research, hemp oil may help to prevent obesity and can help patients to achieve a smaller waist circumference.

Hemp can work a lot of wonders in the body and that includes managing weight. Aside from helping users to get rid of the excess weight, it can also serve as an appetite suppressant. By suppressing one’s appetite, overeating can be avoided, and thus, obesity can be prevented.

  1. Neuropathy Treatment

It’s common for people with diabetes to suffer from nerve damage or neuropathy. Most diabetic patients suffer from neuropathy in the feet and hands although any organ in the body can be easily affected. Some of the most common symptoms are numbness, pain, and tingling on the affected area. Studies show that hemp may actually be more effective at treating neuropathy compared to conventional medicines.


Is hemp oil good for diabetes, you ask? Yes, it is, and the list above is proof of the many ways in which hemp oil can help a diabetic patient. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re currently diabetic, pre-diabetic, or you just want to manage your weight. Hemp oil is good for diabetes and can help you live a healthier life.

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