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How To Use Kratom And CBD Oil For Pain Relief

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Of all the unconventional medications available to treat various sorts of pain in the human body, Kratom and CBD oil are two prominent ones. All of us have used some allopathic medicines for pain relief, and we know that they bring in more complications than remedy. These two substances hold great potential to heal the pain of different sorts if consumed carefully. We are going to look at Kratom And CBD Oil in detail and how they can fight pain.

Kratom and its use for pain relief:

The Kratom plant is a member of the coffee family and grows primarily in Southeast Asia. The leaves of the plant are used globally as a medicinal remedy to several issues like pain, anxiety, cough, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, and high blood pressure. Kratom works excellently when the problem is regarding physical pain or nociceptive pain. People also use Kratom as a recreational drug.

Mitragynine is the chemical present in Kratom, which is similar to opioids like codeine or morphine. However, it is a natural opiate. This chemical is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and is responsible for reducing pain and stress from our bodies through the opiate receptors.

There are different strains of Kratom, like white, red, and green. Each of these has different effects, and you should choose according to your needs.


Having discussed the benefits of Kratom, it is also important to note that it comes with certain caveats. An unregulated intake of Kratom can lead to respiratory and digestive issues. Regular consumption can also lead to dependency on the substance. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be extra careful with Kratom.

Dosage of Kratom:

Kratom, after it goes into our body, increases dopamine and serotonin levels which results in changes in our hormonal system. Kratom elevates these two to conceal the pain. An improper dose of Kratom can be unsafe for the human body. Therefore, it is essential to measure the complexity of the pain and take Kratom accordingly.

A 5 mg or less dosage of Kratom is stimulating. Such a dosage will also increase your energy by improving your metabolism. A higher dosage, upwards of 10 mg, will bring a feeling of euphoria, which is close to the effect of a regular opiate.

Different kinds of Kratom extracts have different types of measurements. So, for example, a tablespoon of Bali powder, Green Malay Powder, or Maeng Da Powder will each have different concentration levels, and you need to decide accordingly. It is better to begin with a tiny dose. Kratom works best if you consume it on an empty stomach.

How to consume Kratom:

There are multiple ways of using Kratom. The most common method is swallowing it with water. It is easier to digest if you take the powder in multiple sips. Kratom capsules are another convenient way to consume it. However, it takes longer to produce the effects. You can also mix the powder in your food or drink (like tea or a shake).

CBD oil and its role in pain relief:


CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids majorly found in Hemp. CBD brings many health benefits, but it is most beneficial for issues such as inflammation, pain, and other neuropathic problems. CBD oil is the most popular product made by CBD. CBD oil is extracted in an organic manner from the Hemp plants. Here are some ways in which CBD oil helps in pain relief:

CBD oil can heal pain without side effects. Since chronic pain sufferers are well aware of the complications regular medicines bring along, they can be well served with the natural healing properties of CBD oil.

While providing you with pain relief, CBD oil takes care of your whole system. It works hand in hand with the central nervous system and helps to improve other critical issues like indigestion, skin problems, etc.

If you are taking other opioids like morphine, which is a standard medicine for pain relief, CBD oil can actually increase the impact of such opioids. Additionally, with its healing ability, CBD oil may help you to reduce your dependence on such addictive substances.

Some pain (like Migraines, Sciatica nerve pain) are extremely tough to bear, and the patient seeks immediate relief. In such instances, time taken by the medicine becomes a crucial factor. CBD oil acts very fast, and after you ingest it, it may take around 30 seconds for the oil to provide you with some relief.

When someone is suffering from pain, it is natural to feel anxious and have inadequate sleep. CBD oil is a proved remedy for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. By letting the patient have a proper sleep, CBD oil also enhances the effectiveness of the treatment.

Dosage of CBD oil:

CBD oil dosage is dependant on a variety of factors such as the seriousness and nature of the pain, the physical condition of the patient, age, taste, etc. However, experts always suggest beginning with a CBD oil having a concentration level below 5 mg. You can always increase the amount with time. You should visit getkush to have a detailed look at different Cannabis products and their usage.

How to use CBD oil:

CBD oil is mostly consumed orally by dropping it under the tongue. Other usages include vaping it through vaporizers, mixing it with food, or applying it on the skin.

How do Kratom and CBD oil help when used together:


When one uses Kratom and CBD oil together, their effects multiply manifold. Kratom increases endorphins, while CBD oil decreases inflammation and stress. So these two powerful natural remedies work in conjunction to give a synergizing impact.


Traditionally, people use opiates for pain relief. The addictive properties of such over the counter medicines like morphine, fentanyl, and oxycodone have led to mortal consequences for a lot of consumers. These prescription drugs have also made way for cheaper addictive pain-managers like heroin. It is high time people suffering from chronic pain get a natural remedy so that they do not need to take desperate measures. In such a situation, these two natural options: Kratom and CBD oil comes as a great relief. Both of these substances are derived naturally and can heal almost any kind of pain. Just make sure you buy these products from reputed sellers, and you are good to go!




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