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How to Prepare the Hemp Oil Body Butter Recipe

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Given the many benefits of hemp, it’s not surprising to find out that many people search for hemp oil body butter recipe online. Although there is plenty of commercial-made body butter that you can easily purchase, making one on your own would be a great idea. And if all goes well, you can even make a business out of it.

What’s great about the body butter that’s made from hemp oil is that it can do lots of wonders for your skin. It’s high in polyunsaturated lipids that come in the form of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Both of these essential fatty acids can help to restore your skin’s elasticity, making it smoother and looking younger.

Step-by-Step Preparation

For this hemp oil body butter recipe, you’ll need a total of 100 grams of ingredients. However, you need to use a container with 200 grams capacity since the body butter tends to double in size after all the ingredients are mixed.

Ingredients You Need

  • 25 grams of cocoa butter
  • 25 grams hemp seed oil
  • 5 drops of Vitamin E oil
  • 50 grams Shea butter


Since this recipe is made of cocoa butter that has a higher melting point, the butter must first be melted before adding it to the other ingredients. The Shea butter and Mango Butter both have a lower melting point so they don’t necessarily need to be melted before mixing. However, in this hemp oil body butter recipe, as we mix the cocoa butter and Shea butter together, it’s necessary to melt the butter before they are combined.

  1. Melt the cocoa butter by placing it in a double boiler.
  2. When the butter is almost melted, add the hemp seed oil and the Shea butter.
  3. Once the entire mixture has already melted, place the ingredients in the fridge and leave them there for 5-10 minutes or until the mixture is solidified.
  4. Take it off from the fridge and then pour five drops of Vitamin E.
  5. Whip the mixture using a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Whip all the ingredients up until they are mixed well. This should require up to 10 minutes of whipping.
  6. Place the ingredients into the storage container by scooping them with a spoon.

Make sure you attach a label on the container indicating the body butter’s shelf life. This is to ensure that no one will use the product beyond its shelf life.

What is the Shelf Life of Hemp Oil Body Butter?

The shelf life of the body butter will mainly depend on the shelf life of the ingredients you used on this hemp oil body butter recipe. It should be based on the ingredients that have the shortest shelf life. Therefore, if the shelf life of the Cocoa butter and Shea butter is one year while the hemp seed oil is two years, then the shelf life of your body butter will be one year.

As you can see, this hemp oil body butter recipe is very easy to make. Just make sure you use only the highest quality of ingredients to guarantee its effectiveness.

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