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How to Make Hemp Part of This New Year’s Resolution

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It’s already December, which means that it’s the perfect time to decide on your New Year’s resolution. If you want to incorporate hemp into your lifestyle for the coming year, you’d be glad to know that there are many ways on how you can do it.

Just to give you an example, here are the three easy ways you can use to include hemp in your New Year’s resolution.

1. Make It Part of Your Daily Diet

Including hemp into your daily meals is a great way to benefit from its many health benefits. For instance, the hemp seeds, also known as the hemp hearts, are a great source of essential fatty acids that include the Omega 3, Omega 6, and the gamma-linolenic acid. Furthermore, the seeds are rich in Vitamin E that can help to balance out the level of cholesterol in the body, repair damaged skin, prevent diseases, balance the hormones, treat PMS symptoms, and improve vision. In fact, hemp seeds have more digestible protein than eggs and meat.

The best way to include hemp into your daily meals is to sprinkle the hemp seeds to some of your meals. You can use it as toppings for your favorite smoothie or yogurt or simply take a spoonful of the seeds. That should be enough to give you incredible health benefits! 

2. Use Body Care Products Made of Hemp

This coming year, it’s time to ditch your old body care products that have harmful synthetic materials! Start using body care products that are made of hemp. Not many people are aware of this but hemp can actually do a lot of great wonders to your hair and skin. It can also help treat muscular pains, minimize swelling, and ease body pains. The reason is that hemp contains a good amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, hemp is also capable of treating eczema and several other conditions in the skin.

You’ll find many companies that infuse hemp in their body care products, from lotion, moisturizers, shampoo, and conditioner. There are also massage oils and hemp-based topical products. These products can rejuvenate and hydrate your skin while improving the health of your hair with just a blink of an eye!

3. Wear Clothes Made from Hemp Fiber

Wearing hemp clothing is also a great way to include hemp in your New Year’s resolution. The best thing about clothes that are made from hemp fiber is that they are strong, absorbent, lightweight, and are guaranteed to last long. In fact, they are perfect to be worn outdoors since they are weather resistant, mold-resistant, and UV-resistant. So if you’re someone who loves adventures and you want to spend most of your time at the gym sweating out, then you should choose to wear clothing that’s made from hemp.

New Year’s resolutions are promises that we make to ourselves in an effort to improve our lifestyle for the coming year. By including hemp into your lifestyle changes, you are sure to improve your quality of life!

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