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How to Make Hemp Oil at Home

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The buzz surrounding hemp oil is unmistakable. It is the buzz of different groups of people, not just cannabis lobbyists, who want the world to benefit from such a wonderful plant that can give mankind so much.

In the United States, the legal status of the industrial hemp plant is still in flux, but there has been positive movement, and this should be taken also as a positive sign that soon enough, medicinal applications of the hemp oil will become more and more common.

How can you make hemp oil at home?

You can make hemp oil at home by tapping the most readily available part of the hemp plant: seeds.

There are plenty of reasons to create your own hemp oil from seeds, including: better storage opportunities for future use, easy integration into edibles, and the like.

You can use hemp oil as you would any edible oil, though its cost might dissuade some from using it for cooking methods like deep frying (which require lots of oil in order to work). But if you’re planning to drizzle it on salads and what not, that’s quite possible.

Ready to make some hemp seed oil at home? Here are the steps.

For this project, you will need the following:

  1. A sturdy work table
  2. A hand-operated oil press
  3. A lamp with fuel (use vegetable oil as fuel)
  4. A jar or basin for collecting the hemp oil
  5. Organic hemp seeds

Take note that you will need shelled hemp seeds for this project.

1. Secure the hand-operated oil press to your working table. It should have a bracket mechanism that you can tighten like a screw to keep it stable as you operate it.

2. Place the lamp under the hopper of the extractor. Light the lamp only when you are ready to go. The press should be allowed to pre-heat before use (like an oven). Ten to fifteen minutes of pre-heating should be sufficient to get good results.

3. Place a sufficient amount of organic, shelled hemp seeds on the hopper. Close and seal the hopper.

Depending on the design of the oil extractor that you have at home, you may be able to turn the crank effectively on your own, or if more force is needed, ask a family member or friend to help turn the crank or press down to get the maximum amount of oil from the seeds.

4. As you operate the press, you will see small quantities of dark oil come out. This is the precious hemp seed oil that we want to collect.

Make sure it flows unabated to your prepared glass container. Continue adding more shelled hemp seeds to the press until you get the amount of oil that you want.

5. Be sure to set aside the waste material of the extraction process, as these can be used for mulch or fertilizer. They’re no longer viable as food, but they aren’t useless at all. Add them to your garden, instead.


Image Source: Julia Teichmann – CBD-Infos.com


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