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How to Find the Best Hemp CBD Product

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If you’re a user of hemp CBD products, you’re probably interested to know about the process involved in producing the products that you plan to consume. As a consumer, you want to know what kind of company you’re supporting and if you’re really making the right decision when patronizing their products.

With the increasing popularity of hemp CBD, you’ll now find numerous CBD brands popping up in the market every single day so it can be hard to identify which among these brands you should trust.

Full Traceability of CBD

A company that values full traceability in the production of their CBD products is the kind that monitors each and every step of the product’s manufacturing process, including the supply chain. They wouldn’t mind providing the exact details about the specific process and components used for their product. This is the kind of transparency that consumers would expect from the companies that produce hemp CBD products.

Although the body won’t be able to recognize the difference between CBD and cannabis, not knowing where the product was sourced, how it’s made and the level of cannabinoids present can make a huge difference in the proper formulation of the product. Thus, being able to trace and identify the source of the CBD products is important and will give users a peace of mind.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Knowing the source and identifying the manufacturing process are not enough when it comes to transparency. The company should also adhere to good manufacturing practices. They should have a quality system in place, which proves that the brand is truly dedicated to the safety, quality, and consistency of their products.

Brands must first test their product before releasing it to the market for contamination and cannabinoid content and the results must be made available to the public. Without the test result, it would be impossible to know if the actual CBD level of the product matches the claim on the label or if the presence of THC is just too high. If possible, request for a copy of the COA or certificate of analysis. It will be a plus if the company is also willing to provide a copy of their in-house test results.

Full Transparency from Farm to Label

When it comes to full transparency, the company should be able to provide the results of tests in the product label. It should clearly list the CBD content and the information must match with the results of the lab tests. Responsible communication regarding their products and what they are made of is what all CBD companies must adhere to. If the label states that the product contains 10 mg of hemp for every one capsule, then the test results must also reflect a similar amount.

Remember that our body is very important so it’s about time that we take full control of our health. Begin a healthy life now by buying CBD hemp products produced by companies that offer full transparency of their products.

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