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How to Cook with CBD

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Given that a lot of people are increasingly getting attracted to the use of CBD, it’s only fair that you would want to know how to perfect CBD cooking. Contrary to what most people think, CBD cooking is not that difficult. With a few tips here and there, you can learn how to make CBD oil cookies and other savory snacks.

One of the reasons why CBD edibles recipes are getting popular is because of the therapeutic effects that CBD has. This can be anything from managing stress to improving your skincare routine. When you’re cooking with CBD isolate, you can have the CBD in different forms, from tincture, oils, capsules or even pills.

For beginners, baking or cooking with CBD might not be easy, but with some guidance, you should be good to go.

Here are some useful tips that should guide you whenever you want to prepare some CBD candy recipes or snacks:

Focus on the Temperature

When cooking with CBD, you must pay attention to the temperature. It’s easier to increase the effectiveness of the CBD by increasing the temperature. However, when the temperature is too high, it will kill the active ingredients. Before you buy CBD cooking oil, remember that at temperatures of more than 320-356 Fahrenheit, CBD will start evaporating.

With this in mind, don’t place CBD oil in direct heat. Heating it at very high temperatures will only end up in a loss of terpenes, the compounds that increase the overall effectiveness of the CBD. There’s also the risk of making the CBD bitter.

Start Small

To be on the safe side, start with a small quantity of CBD and then add more as and when needed. For beginners, there’s always the risk of using too much CBD in your recipe. The problem with this is that you will waste a lot of oil, end up with bad flavor etc. Therefore, as you work your way into the recipes, start by using small quantities of CBD and then add more as needed.

The same applies to the recipe you’re working on. Start with a small quantity and taste it. If it turns out okay, you can then move to larger quantities. This is also a good way of getting used to preparing the recipe for different people.

Store Your CBD Oil Properly

Storing your CBD oil properly will help you make sure it will last long and serve you longer. It’s advisable that you store it in a dark, cool place. Cannabinoids are sensitive to light and heat, which affects the quality and potency. This might leave you with a very bitter taste in the recipe.

Use Refined CBD Oil

Over time you will realize that refined CBD oils deliver the best results irrespective of the cooking application that you’re preparing. Refined CBD oils include decarboxylated or filtered oils. You can experiment with different types of oils to get a first-hand experience. You will realize that less refined oils tend to have a poorer quality aftertaste, especially if you’re working on a recipe that’s loaded with herbs.

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