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How the 2018 Farm Bill is Changing the Hemp Industry in Alabama

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Industrial hemp could now take center stage in the Alabama agricultural industry after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in the state. The green light from state authorities could help deregulate the industry and open the door for increased commercialization of hemp farming. All you need to benefit commercially from the crop is to apply for a business permit and that’s it.

There are numerous studies so far that have shown that hemp can have a number of medicinal benefits if prescribed in the right dosages. Various states in the US have already legalized the sale and use of recreational marijuana and based on the current trend, it won’t be long before the commodity becomes legally and widely available in the entire nation. However, unlike what most people assume, hemp is not the same as marijuana. Although these two plants have pretty much the same attributes, hemp was a considerably lower level of THC. THC is the psychoactive drug that often gives people the feeling of being high once they take in marijuana. In essence, hemp can allow you to take full advantage of the medicinal benefits of marijuana without getting high or even without the potential risks of addiction.

The passing of the Alabama 2018 Farm Bill was a major milestone in the expected growth of the hemp industry locally. Although places where you can buy the flower have been literally nonexistent in the entire state, the passing of this bill could prove decisive in pushing up the opening of new hemp centers or supercenters in major cities and towns.

The new guidelines were released by State Attorney Steve Marshall and they stipulate that the sale of industrial hemp with a THC concentration of less than 0.3% is now legal. Customers who buy the crop will also get full lab test results that indicate the product they have bought meets the specifications set out by the state including the low THC content.

Industrial hemp can be used to deal with a number of medical conditions. There are studies that show the flower can relieve seizures, inflammation, and anxiety. The product offers a more natural alternative to deal with these conditions and it’s the main reason why it’s become quite popular. The state of Alabama is also hoping that the 2018 Farm Bill will help stimulate the growth of this industry leading to increased economic benefits for locals.

There’s already a huge demand for CBD oil out there. A recent study by research firm Brightfield Group noted that the legal market for CBD oil could hit $22 billion by 2022. This is a huge market and it’s very likely that many farmers see it as an opportunity to diversify their income in the long run. But the biggest challenge so far has been the criminalization of cannabis in various states. Alabama has however taken a giant step forward addressing this with the new Farm Bill and it’s only a matter of time before farmers start to benefit.

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