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How Shauna’s Law Works in Kentucky

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The Shauna’s Law was named after Shauna Staton, a woman from Powell County, Kentucky who relies on cannabis to treat her chronic pain. Staton was a state employee who lost her job due to her use of CBD oil in treating her pain. Thus, Shauna’s Law aims to protect workers who take CBD for medical reasons.

Since CBD is derived from hemp, which is a close relative of cannabis, a person taking CBD will show up positive during a drug test. This is despite the fact that CBD contains an extremely small amount of THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Imprecise testing methods have led to some employees losing their job, just like Shauna Staton.

How Can Shauna’s Law Protect CBD Users

Shauna’s Law aims to protect workers who use CBD from losing their job. It details the appeal process for all employees working in a drug-free environment who could fail the drug test because of their CBD use:

  • Use CBD products derived from legal industrial hemp.
  • They should be able to provide proof of purchase of the product.
  • The test result must show that the CBD product contains less than 0.3 percent of the psychoactive THC.

The bill will not only help those who need to use CBD products for treatment but it also aims to educate the public on the differences between marijuana and hemp.

Shauna’s Law Could Change the CBD Industry

Hemp advocates are hopeful that Shauna’s Law could change the CBD industry. Advocates have fully supported Staton in her fight and they praised her for her determination. She never asked for anything. Staton is fully aware that what she’s doing is right and she is simply fighting for her right.

Consumers who are using CBD products should know that the full spectrum products contain some traces of THC. Because of this, Staton will not be the only employee who may run into trouble with their employers. A lot of consumers of hemp products all over the US have faced a similar situation in the past.

Good Example for the Other States

The Shauna’s Law is the first of its kind, and although it only pertains to Kentucky, this could serve as a good example for other states as well. Advocates are hoping that all states will follow suit and will propose similar laws in the near future.

They believe that if the law will push through in Kentucky, then there’s no reason why it won’t work in other states. It would be great if the other 49 states are able to do something similar.

Shauna’s Law is a very simple bill that other states can easily mimic. Workers who have to use CBD for treatment must first inform their employers before going through a drug test. If in doubt, employees should request for a secondary test that will clearly identify the exact amount of THC.

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