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How is Hemp Craft Beer Made

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Hemp craft beer is becoming a growing trend in the beer industry today. Although hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive effects that one can get from marijuana, brewers who are producing hemp ales should still follow the proper licensing procedures and must adhere to the regulations set by the federal government.

The Hemp Craft Beer Industry

One of the brewery companies that have initiated their way into the hemp beer industry is the New Belgium Brewery. But because of their difficulty in meeting the state and federal regulations, they had to do some experimentation when producing their product, The Hemperor. This is because using hemp leaves and flowers is against the laws set by the DEA. Furthermore, using CBD in alcoholic products is also not legally permitted for national distribution.

New Belgium ended up using hulled hemp seeds for the base of its drink. Also known as hemp hearts, the hulled hemp seeds are common ingredients that you can easily source from your local supermarket. They are usually used in various applications, including hemp milk.

Breweries Producing Hemp Craft Beer

Currently, New Belgium is making a name in the industry of craft beer. Their product was released in April of this year and the company has already experienced an instant boost in sales. Although they have not made known any of their future plans, it’s easy to see that the company may be releasing more of these hemp-infused alcoholic drinks soon.

Aside from New Belgium, another brewery company that’s based in Atlanta is trying to be a part of the cannabis industry. The Sweetwater Brewing Company has released its first hemp-enhanced beer this June. It’s said to have the same taste and smell as that of the G13 strain obtained from psychoactive cannabis but without the feeling of high. In only a couple of months, the hemp-enhanced beer has become the company’s second highest selling product. According to the company’s co-founder, Freddy Bensch, he believes that cannabis consumers and craft beer drinkers are pretty much the same types of persons, which explains the success of their product.

Lagunitas Brewing is another company that’s trying to make a name in the cannabis industry. The California-based company released their “Hi-Fi Hops” product in partnership with Canna Craft, a company known for producing cannabis extracts. Currently, Hi-Fi Hops can only be bought from medical marijuana dispensaries all over California.

Fitting Into the Beer Culture

So how will the hemp craft beer fit into the current craft beer culture? Hemp or cannabis belongs to the same plant family of hops. In fact, New Belgium is using the green and herbal notes of the hemp plant to enhance the flavor of their beer. With this, it’s clear that the hemp craft beers will fit right into the craft beer culture. The same dudes who are fond of craft beers may probably be using hemp as daily supplements, so why not infuse hemp in their beer?

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