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How Hemp Fuel Can Save Our Planet

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Hemp is capable of producing two types of fuel; hemp ethanol and hemp biodiesel. The biodiesel is produced from the oil of hemp seeds while the ethanol is made from its fermented stalk. Both types of fuel are expected to replace other plant-derived biofuels that have been compromising the planet and cause the destruction of some natural resources.

One of the best things about hemp is that it grows really fast and produces an extremely high amount of yield compared to other crops that are being made into fuel. Furthermore, the hemp fuel burns cleaner and could benefit the engine of the car that it works with. Nowadays, biofuel is a hot topic and of all the sustainable fuel sources, hemp is the strongest contender.

Hemp Ethanol

Hemp can be made into ethanol, which is produced from the plant’s fermented stalks. It works in the same way as that of the other ethanol fuels like soybean and corn. But compared to these crops, hemp matures much faster and requires less water, fertilizer, and equipment to grow. Unlike with farming hemp, corn and soybean farming are depleting the Earth faster, destroying water sources due to water run-off. But hemp farming helps in cleaning and renewing the soil. These crops can thrive well even in a growing condition with low nutrients.

Hemp Biodiesel

Hemp can be made into an ester-based fuel that can be derived from the oil made of hemp seeds. The hemp ethanol fuel can be used in the same way as other diesel fuels are used without causing any changes in the vehicle’s engine. Hemp biodiesel is extremely safe to handle and transport and is almost non-toxic. Furthermore, when the hemp ethanol is burned, it will not produce any of those poisonous and toxic fumes that some other fuel produces. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant smell of hemp.

Saving the Planet

Renewable energy resources have become a mandate by law these days and hemp is capable of providing a highly sustainable source of clean-burning fuel. Hemp can replenish the world with things that we need the most and offers a reliable and safe option for each and every aspect of our lives, from food to clothing. Furthermore, the crop requires less amount of time to grow and it can grow in any type of climate while leaving a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to other options for biofuel. Almost all parts of hemp can be used in making various kinds of products, which means less waste along the way. Indeed, hemp is a promising crop that the planet can greatly benefit from.

It should be noted that using hemp fuel might help extend the life of the vehicle’s engine since it’s more lubricating compared to petroleum diesel fuel. Sure, hemp fuels alone can’t save the planet completely. However, embracing hemp and all its many uses can undeniably take us on the right path to sustainability, which is what our planet needs at this moment in time.

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