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How Hemp Can Treat Stress in Older People

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In this modern day and age, there’s no doubt that most of us live in a more complex and stressful environment than the previous generations. But this is also applicable to the more senior members of our society. Health concerns, broken relationships, money worries, and other things have contributed to an increase in stress amongst the elderly.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why having a stressful life can be damaging for seniors and how hemp oil and hemp seeds can help relieve the anxiety and stress that they are feeling.

Common Signs of Stress

If you live with an elderly family member, you will probably think that you already know them well and that you can easily detect if something is wrong. However, the truth is that most seniors don’t want to bother their family members and wouldn’t want to be a burden to others.

Some of the most common indicators of stress among the seniors are mood swings, unwillingness to socialize, memory problems, changes in eating habits, and sleeping problems. If you notice these signs, you should immediately take action before it leads to serious consequences.

Consequences of a Highly Stressful Lifestyle

Stress is definitely not good for the health, regardless of your age. But as we get older, we’re naturally more inclined to stress. This could be due to certain factors like money and health issues. It’s, therefore, important that you remain healthy and physically fit as you get older and the best way to do this is by adhering to a sensible exercise and diet regimen.

The negative implications of stress on mental health are severe, not to mention the fact that getting old also comes with a host of health issues such as forgetfulness and memory problems. But if you’re the kind of person who can simply laugh all the problems off and focus on keeping your brain healthy and active, then your quality of life will be improved even if when you’re old.

Nutritious Diet Based on Hemp

A nutritious and balanced diet that can help maintain a healthy level of blood sugar is vital for seniors. Hemp-based products tick all the boxes since they are high in nutrients and are proven to help relieve anxiety and stress.

It’s because hemp contains phytocannabinoids and essential fatty acids that are responsible for its health benefits. In fact, hemp seeds have the best ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and it’s for this reason why it’s called a “superfood.” Therefore, if you include hemp in your diet, you can make your brain healthy as it provides the right EFA that your brain needs in order to function in the right way. Hemp will not only decrease the anxiety level but it will also help prevent or will delay the mental effects of depression and other stress-related issues.

So if your elderly family member or friend is showing signs of stress, encourage them to include hemp seeds or oil on their daily diet. This is no doubt an important step towards a healthier, happier, and stress-free life.

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