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How CBD Oil Can Treat Arthritis According to Science

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One of the leading causes of disability in the US is arthritis. More than half of the population older than 65 years is struggling with some form of arthritis. Arthritis is a reality that most people will come to experience at some point in life. However, arthritis shouldn’t condemn you to this fate. You can act now and live a long life free of arthritis.

There’s growing attention towards the use of CBD in many products and instances. CBD arthritis cream is a product that you would be interested in learning about. Hemp has helped many elderly folks live their lives free of stress, providing pain relief and even helping people who are struggling with epilepsy. Arthritis is very common; therefore, it’s worth looking into the prospect of using CBD oil to manage it.

As you research more into the right CBD dose for arthritis, you must also take note of the fact that CBD is not a miracle product. It can help you but might not heal you. Those who have achieved good results with CBD often use it together with other arthritis treatments. This means that you must still incorporate dietary changes, exercise, and prescription or over the counter medication to help you manage arthritis, even when you’re using CBD oil. More importantly, your treatment plan must be under the guidance of a medical expert.

Can Slow Arthritis Progression

There’s not much research on CBD osteoarthritis. Most of the work that has been done on CBD and arthritis or any other subject of interest has been on animal studies and very few studies on the impact on humans. There have been, however, promising studies on the use of CBD oil in managing arthritis.

Whether you’re using an injected CBD or oral CBD, these proved to be quite effective, reducing the pace of joint damage. A 2018 study was published in the Journal Rheumatology that had treated people with arthritis use an oral pharmaceutical made from cannabis extracts, Sativex. The extracts, however, contained both CBD and THC.

While the scientists had satisfactory results, they recommended further studies into the use of CBD, especially the right CBD dosage for rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, at the federal level, psychoactive cannabis is not legal in the US, making it inaccessible to those who might need it in different parts of the country.

Can Improve Arthritis Symptoms

It’s promising to report that there are hundreds of people who have been using CBD to manage arthritis, and they appreciate the healing effects that it has. Besides, unlike the case of psychoactive cannabis, CBD has been legalized and is available to anyone under the right auspices.

More than 25% of those who use CBD are treating arthritis, making this one of the top conditions for which people are getting CBD oil. However, only around 11% of this group has been successful which means that it’s important to combine CBD with other conventional methods of treating or managing arthritis if you’re to get the relief you desire.

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