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How Can Hemp CBD Oil Be Used to Treat Dogs

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Cannabis has been legalized in many states across the US, which is a major step in the right direction. This is an important plant whose benefits cannot be underestimated. With a lot of research scientists increasingly recommending the use of CBD for alternative treatments, it was always going to be a matter of time before the same applied to men’s best friend.

A lot of people keep pets that have been in the family for many years but have to suffer the pain of seeing them struggle through sickness and a painful death. Given the healing effects of CBD oil, dog owners, backed by researchers have come to appreciate the benefit of using CBD oil on their pets, to enable them live a happy and fuller life. If CBD can be used to manage and help deal with addiction, seizures, arthritis, chronic pain, depression and anxiety in humans, then it’s only fair that studies into the same for dogs would suffice.

Limited but Convincing Research

Based on limited research that has been carried out so far, CBD oil can help pets in many ways. Even before research into cannabis use for pets, a lot of people have used CBD in the past for their pets, and have appreciated the results. CBD can help treat or manage many conditions that affect dogs, including skin problems, seizures, phobia, inflammation, glaucoma, fatty tumors, chronic pain, appetite, arthritis, anxiety, and allergies.

According to the pet owners who have tried using CBD oil on their dogs, this is one of the best alternatives available. CBD oil has a soothing effect that makes the dog calm, especially when they encounter new stimuli or a new environment and the dogs have to deal with separation or social anxiety.

As dogs grow older, they are often in a lot of pain. This is, in fact, one of the main uses to which pet owners put CBD oil. Older dogs suffer more from bone breakage, straining, sprains, ligament tears etc. It gets worse if the dog has been through an operation before. After the operation, CBD can help them ease the stiffness in the affected area, pain and also reduce the swelling.

Remember how worried you get about using prescription drugs from time to time, especially about the risk of addiction? It’s the same for dogs too. Synthetic drugs can help treat or manage different conditions, but in the long run, it’s very easy to become addicted to the drugs. Using CBD oil, however, makes things easier for your pet. If your dog has been on synthetic drugs, CBD can help you wean them off it, in the process overcoming the side effects that can persist either for a brief duration or for a very long time.

While using CBD oil for your dog is the in thing and probably one of the best decisions you will make, the challenge lies in finding the correct dose. Experts often advise trying out small doses and monitoring the outcome, and then you can increase the dosage over time according to the changes you see in your dog.

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