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Hemp Water Filters That Could Change the World

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Everyone deserves to have access to clean and healthy water. But it seems that this can be a challenge even to the most developed countries such as the United States. But what happens if there’s a low-cost solution to the country’s aging water system? This solution comes in the form of a water system that could filter and purify water at the tap without having to use harmful chemicals or investing in expensive technology.

Using Hemp for Filtration

About two years ago, an ex-navy entrepreneur requested for a research to be done on water purification using hemp microfibers. It originally started as a research project on hemp biodiesel but later led to the discovery of the hemp fiber’s antibacterial nature. Upon discovery, the researchers spent two years doing research and prototyping. The founder, Michael Crippen, dedicated most of his free time doing research until he was able to develop the hemp filter.

He is against the use of non-organic materials and toxic chemicals in the water filter because he believes that these materials could infiltrate the drinking water and could cause illness among the consumers. Thus, he was seeking a healthier and better alternative that would lower the use of harmful components in water filtration. None of the hemp filters contain any harmful substances.

Hemp Water Filter Advantages

There are lots of advantages that come with using hemp microfiber as a water filter. It has the same capabilities as that of a standard water filter but it has an almost endless resistance to mold and mildew. The goal behind the hemp filters is to provide the households all over the United States and the world with an effective and easy-to-use filtration solution.

As of the moment, the only purification method that could achieve excellent antibacterial solutions is chlorine and UV radiation. The latter is bulky and incredibly expensive while the former is toxic. Thus, hemp is a truly attractive alternative for water filtration because aside from being affordable, it’s non-toxic as well.

The hemp water filter is not just a filter. It also acts as a purifier and a softener that could produce clean drinking and cooking water that everyone can enjoy. It works by capturing and killing 95% of microbes and bacteria without leaving any harmful residue.

The Hemp Filter May Change a Lot of Things

According to the UN, 783 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water while almost 2.5 billion don’t have adequate sanitation. This figure clearly shows the real global situation on the water.

By adopting the hemp filters as a more feasible solution for a water filter, we should be able to somehow resolve the global water crisis. The goal of the founders is to provide affordable filters to communities that are in dire need and to help in modernizing and developing the aging water infrastructure all over the world.

With water scarcity and contamination becoming an increasingly major issue all over the world, having an affordable and eco-friendly solution like the hemp filter must be seriously considered.

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