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Hemp Texas is Finally Legal but There Are Still Problems for Farmers

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Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that would legalize the production of industrial hemp in the state. Hemp may be derived from cannabis but it is not like marijuana that has a psychoactive effect. It contains an extremely small amount of the THC, which is the psychoactive compound that triggers the feeling of high among cannabis users.

A lot of hemp Texas farmers are excited to hear about this news and are already preparing themselves to cultivate and produce hemp. However, there are also pitfalls that the farmers are faced with. One of the biggest challenges is their lack of knowledge in cultivating the plant.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a cannabis strain that’s commonly used in producing different CBD products. Oftentimes, when people hear that hemp is a component of cannabis, they associate it with marijuana. But hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive component that can get you high. This gray area is what made CBD become very controversial. People should understand that the CBD doesn’t have the active ingredient of THC and will not lead to addiction. As a matter of fact, CBD comes with a wide range of health benefits.

According to Charles Perry, the author of the House Bill, it’s about time that Texas farmers take part in the rapidly growing industry of CBD. He is hoping that the CBD can boost the rural communities, making it a new viable crop for the local farmers.

Challenges Faced by Texas Farmers

While the hemp Texas farmers are happy with the approval of the Bill, they admitted that they are faced with some challenges. According to them, they have no idea how to cultivate hemp in Texas and they do not have the right seeds since there’s no market. Furthermore, there’s no infrastructure in place so they do not have the means to process and produce the product.

Sure, everyone is scrambling to get into the business but not everyone can make a lot of money out of it due to the lack of resources. Farmers all over Texas are eager to grow and produce hemp after several years of drought. In recent years, they have been struggling to compete with their Mexican counterparts that produce much cheaper crops and vegetables. Hemp may sound promising but it is not clear if they can really make good money from it.

Federal Aid

But due to the approval of the Farm Bill, hemp is no longer classified as an illegal substance. Therefore, hemp farmers can always ask for Federal Aid, which may help them in their cultivation of the crop. Now that the industry of hemp is already regulated, it shouldn’t be hard for farmers to seek assistance in growing and cultivating this crop, which is new for them. For as long as the government supports the farmer, the hemp Texas bill may be the key to improving the agricultural economy of the state.

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