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Hemp Skateboards – The New Thing Coming to the Street Sport

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In every industry, all the players strive to make sure they attain a level of sustainability that keeps them afloat and in competition. The skateboarding industry is no different. There are a lot of players in the market already. However, this has not dampened the spirits of companies that want to invest in this very popular industry and stake a claim to a unique market share. Athletes and teenagers all over the world are excited about skateboarding. This is a population of young, energetic people. Most of them are users whose tastes and preferences are always flexible.

Traditionally, skateboards are designed from wood. This brings forth the issue of environmental conservation. For an activity that’s endeared to a lot of people, sustainability becomes a challenge. Millions of skateboarders exist all over the world. A lot of these individuals own more than one skateboard. Given the propensity for young folks to get skateboards, the threat to the environment is unimaginable. Trees have to fall for skateboards to exist, or do they?

Granny Smith Sports is a unique company. Facing the challenge of keeping skateboarding enthusiasts happy and entertained while at the same time protecting the environment, they came up with a genius idea to make skateboards from hemp. This was after trying out different prototypes. What’s so unique about hemp is that not only is it a sustainable option for skateboarding, it’s also one of the simplest, lightest and most durable options available.

Moving on to the Olympics games scheduled to take place in Tokyo in 2020, interest in skateboarding has peaked, especially after it was added to the list of Olympics games. This also means that while there are millions of skateboarders all over the world at the moment, the number is expected to multiply.

There are endless possibilities for the use of hemp in sports, given that it can also be used for skis and snowboards. This is not the first time either that hemp is being used for things other than medical value. During the World Wars, hemp was used to make ropes and sails, among other things.

What makes these skateboards unique is that they are a fusion of hemp and resin. Hemp fiber makes up 80% of the production, while the rest is derived from plant resin. Compared to maple wood skateboards that are the standard in the market, hemp skateboards are making a huge difference. Conventional skateboards subject the world to major deforestation. At a time when the effect of climate change is being felt in many parts of the world, hemp skateboards are a more than welcome idea.

It’s not just about cutting down trees, but there are other factors involved, like the adhesives that are used to hold the parts of the skateboard together. By using hemp, this changes the whole dynamic of skateboard production. While it takes years for a tree to grow, hemp can grow in under six months, so it’s a far better alternative than maple wood in terms of sustainability.

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