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Hemp Processing Facilities Expanding Even More in the US

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In South Carolina, a cannabis grower is thinking of expanding his operations this year. After he received his permit from the Agriculture Department of South Carolina, he immediately started growing his first crop. When his second permit was approved, he decided to clear some land in Ridgeville where he could build several greenhouses and some manufacturing facilities where hemp would be dried and processed and the CBD oil extracted. In the near future, his facility will be big enough to accept hemp from all the farmers in the Southeast. At this rate, he’s confident that he can produce more than 100 bottles of CBD oil in a minute.

How Can Hemp Be Used?

Hemp advocates have said that the crop can be used to produce thousands of products including medicines, clothing, biofuel, health food, pet food, and more. The Ridgeville facility will be used to process all products that the CBD is capable of producing. Customers have been very pleased with the products. Several have reported success after using the salve made with hemp in treating arthritis and all kinds of pain in their body. Others have also used the CBD oil to relieve tremors resulting from multiple sclerosis and some parents have used the oil to treat their child’s ADHD.

Unfortunately, there are still lots of misconceptions surrounding hemp. Many still believe that hemp is grown to produce drugs. Although hemp has THC, the component that’s responsible for getting a user high, the level of THC in hemp is extremely low. It’s less than 0.3%, which means that hemp cannot trigger any psychoactive effects on the user at all.

Is It Legal to Produce and Use Hemp?

Hemp is derived from cannabis. It’s the same plant from which marijuana is derived from, a substance banned by the government in the 1970s. In 2014, CBD oil was made legal in South Carolina and in 2017, the state allowed the cannabis farming pilot program.

There’s a really high demand for CBD products at the moment. However, cannabis growers are very careful with their wording since they don’t want to violate any FDA rule. Despite the many promising benefits that the CBD is known for, cannabis growers wouldn’t want to guarantee or promise a cure. Instead, they want to assure their customers that they will do their best to produce only the highest quality CBD products.

Building an Empire with Hemp

Hemp might be fairly new in the industry, but it’s expected to become big. In fact, one grower started the business with only one man helping him and it eventually grew into a business empire with more than 60 employees. Currently, he’s serving to more than 600 customers each week. According to him, he’s running the business through education, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Soon, he will build an educational institute that will serve as South Carolina’s agricultural source of information on hemp and will get college students involved in the field.

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