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Hemp in Texas Can Now Be Grown as a Crop

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a farm bill in June 10 that allows the farmers of the state to grow hemp just like with any crop. However, the production of hemp will not start until 2020. Basically, the bill is not really full legalization of marijuana but simply a new law concerning the industrial production of hemp in Texas.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Just like marijuana, hemp is derived from cannabis. But it only has an extremely small amount of the THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC is basically the psychoactive component in cannabis that makes people high. As such, hemp will not in any way make you high, unlike marijuana.

Since both hemp and marijuana are derived from cannabis, this created a gray area on the difference between CBD and marijuana, which is considered an illegal substance. But thanks to the efforts of hemp advocates, people are now realizing that hemp is different from marijuana. In fact, hemp has been known for its numerous health benefits. And now that the Farm Bill was signed in Texas, local farmers of the state can finally legally cultivate hemp in Texas.

House Bill 1325

The Bill that Governor Abbott signed is the House Bill 1325 authored by Texas House Representative Charles Perry. Perry, who has been a huge advocate of hemp, is pleased with the result. For him, it’s about time that Texas should be a part of the rapidly growing hemp industry. Now that the Bill has been approved, Texas farmers can cultivate their own hemp crops, which is a great alternative to the usual agricultural commodities. Perry is hoping that this can help boost the rural communities in Texas because hemp is a viable crop option.

There are now more than 42 American States that have legalized hemp farming. Thus, it’s about time that Texas joins in. With the approval of the hemp bill, growers will no longer be restricted on the type of hemp to manufacture, which might seem interesting for law enforcements.

More Difficult to Prosecute Marijuana Cases

Now that the House Bill has been signed, it will be more difficult for law enforcement bodies to prosecute cases on marijuana possessions. Before hemp legalization, you could end up in trouble with the law for the possession of any product that contains THC. You must first prove that the product does not have enough level of THC to be considered illegal. The new bill may not help make the job of law enforcers easier, but it can definitely help the people be able to legally use relaxing products made of hemp.

Removal of Hemp as an Illegal Substance

The Farm Bill removes hemp from the list of illegal substances. Furthermore, it aims to help farmers of the state apply for federal grants just like they would with other crops. The government believes that the approval of the bill will pave way for the growing industry of hemp in Texas.

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