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Hemp Growers in Maine Protest after the State Order to Remove CBD Edibles from the Shelves

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In this age and time, it’s a pity that some people take many steps back when the rest of the world is making major strides ahead. The hemp industry is currently one of the hottest topics not just in the country, but even beyond the borders. The hemp market is, therefore, one that’s primed for greatness. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Augusta. In Augusta, hemp growers and supporters are protesting outside the State House against a move by the state to ban edible products that contain CBD.

Even in the face of the current milestones that have been achieved in as far as hemp is concerned, controversy still seems to strike. The FDA recently announced that CBD is yet to be approved as a food additive, and in light of this, state officials in Maine decided to stop stores from selling products that contain CBD, especially the popular foods and CBD-infused drinks.

Supporting Hemp

Even in the midst of all this, hemp supporters have come out and stood firm in support of CBD. Hemp and CBD have become an important part of their businesses. As a result, there’s a standoff between the supporters and growers on one side, and the state agencies on the other. Perhaps, to break the impasse, it’s expected that an emergency bill will be brought forward, which would help address the way these products will be handled.

In December 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill unanimously, a bill whose worth was more than $860 billion. This was seen as a major boost for the industry, and the nation as a whole. Considering the challenges that people have experienced over the years with respect to the production of hemp, this was a step in the right direction.

CBD Everywhere

CBD is more than just a derivative of hemp. It’s a big business opportunity for everybody. For retailers, the Farm Bill was to usher in a new frontier given that their customers could enjoy their products either by vaping, ingestion, smoking or any other means that would allow them to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without worrying about the dire effects of marijuana.

This explains why CBD had started sprouting almost everywhere. You would find CBD products in convenient places like gas stations and some giant retailers had also lined up some CBD products in their shelves. It’s a pity that the legal landscape in Maine has made something so simple a murky affair, especially since it seems the legislative tussle is all about capitalizing on the local CBD industry.

The protesters were up in arms against the decision by the state to ban the sale of CBD products because the FDA is yet to approve CBD as a food additive. On the other hand, however, lotion-based CBD, vaping and smoking are allowed. Even the sale of edibles in the form of medical marijuana is allowed, to patients who need it.

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