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Hemp Entrepreneurs Could Completely Change the Hospitality Industry

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Hemp fabric could be the key to creating a more sustainable and comfortable world. In fact, more and more entrepreneurs are now getting their hands on hemp fabrics, including those in the hospitality industry. For instance, Kelsi Lavicka and Sarah Harf established a hemp business model that aims to fill the void in the industry of hospitality. Offering sustainable hemp solutions, they have partnered with some of the leading names in hospitality and are set to revolutionize the industry.

Incredible Resource

Both founders believe that hemp is an incredible resource and can be useful in a wide variety of applications, including biofuel, bio-plastic, paper, textile, and so much more. Now that the cannabis is slowly being accepted in the mainstream, they believe that this will open more opportunities for the industrial hemp in the United States.

The company makes use of modern and stylish textiles in producing custom products for the interior design of buildings. Their main focus is to give interior spaces more access to eco-friendly materials and come up with a highly sustainable environment.

Challenges in the Industry

Just like the other entrepreneurs involved in the hemp industry, Kelsi and Sarah were faced with some challenges in operating their business. The biggest challenge is the lack of accurate knowledge on hemp and the stigma that’s attached to it. They are aware that it will take a lot of time before people start to realize the bigger economic opportunities in hemp. It is also part of their responsibility to spread awareness about the many benefits that hemp is capable of providing.

Hemp is highly sustainable. In fact, it requires 50% less water to cultivate hemp compared to cotton. Hemp also removes about 1.63 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Each year, 1 acre of hemp is capable of producing as much paper as 4 acres of trees.

Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has been approved, the hemp industry is getting even more exciting. With the passing of the farm bill, it’s now legal to federally grow and produce industrial hemp for the entire country. The entrepreneurs are hopeful that this legalization will be the key to easily educate people and teach them the incredible benefits that come with hemp. This is especially true in terms of using hemp for textiles and building materials in the hospitality industry.

Overcoming the Challenges

The company relies on artistic branding and marketing in order to sell their products. Their textiles are truly beautiful and elegant. A lot of people think of hemp as just a recycled bag. Their goal is to change that perception by creating beautiful designs for their clients and producing products that are not only functional but also stylish.

In an effort to bring awareness on hemp, Harf has been speaking at conferences and attending panel discussions and events. It’s her way of educating people about the impact of sustainable design. Through this, she’s hoping that the public will start seeing the good in hemp and will welcome the many opportunities that come with it.

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