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Hemp Coffins Are Now Being Handmade in Australia

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There is so much going on in the world concerning alternative living. People make decisions about their lives, decisions that would otherwise not apply in contemporary society. In Australia, a lot of people have started adopting hemp coffins. The revolution in the cannabis industry is not just limited to the consumables or injectables. Enterprising Australians have found a way to make hemp useful even in the afterlife. Of course, considering the fact that death is unavoidable, this is something worth paying attention to.

Nimbin, New South Wales is considered the hemp capital of Australia. The hemp caskets are designed and built in a small town, the result of which has created business for the inhabitants. It only takes a day to make one casket. According to the president of the HEMP Embassy, a lot of people have been calling to order hemp caskets.

The Design of Hemp Coffins

How is this hemp product built? What makes it a favorable option compared to the traditional caskets that most people use for funerals? First, hemp coffins are very light. They are made from lightweight hemp boards that are imported from Germany. Other than that, the designers also include rope handles, which are made as colorfully as possible. Nimbin artists put in some good work with the painting, to make the caskets appealing.

According to HEMP Embassy president, a lot of people save up their entire lives to prepare for a funeral. Instead, in Nimbin, they wanted to wrap the dead in a cloth and composts the body. However, this is not possible, so they came up with a better and more affordable alternative.

A hemp coffin can cost up to $900. However, you can get one for $700. This is pretty much the average cost of the conventional coffin. Perhaps the difference between the two is that hemp coffins are built from materials that are sustainable and speed up the process of biodegradation.

The hemp coffins are becoming very popular, even among those who have never used hemp in their lives. It is a good sign even when conservative people are encouraging one another to buy a hemp coffin, considering the benefits to the environment.

Going by the design of the hemp coffin, you can use them for a wide range of reasons. The versatility is one of the main features that have made them appeal to a lot of buyers. The hemp coffins can be used as a bookshelf or a broom cupboard.

Increasing Popularity and Recognition

There has been widespread uptake of the hemp coffins. The market for these coffins might be in its early stage still, but it sure has got the attention it deserves. Locally, the demand for hemp coffins is amazing. One of the reasons behind this demand is the fact that there are so many other products in production other than the coffins, which are all biodegradable.

Considering the fact that Australia ranks high in the world for consuming psychoactive cannabis worldwide, there is a lot of interest in hemp-related products.

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