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Entrepreneur Joe Fox Betting Hard on Hemp and CBD Oil

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Joe Fox, a 40 under 40 entrepreneur, is one of the hundreds of new entrepreneurs who are trying to get their hands in the hemp industry. He launched his own company named Blühen Botanicals that develops and markets hemp products including CBD oil. Before establishing the company, he spent several months traveling all over the country to check out the various growing facilities of hemp. He spent most of his time networking with the leaders of the industry and acquired the right knowledge on the thriving CBD industry.

Intense Work Ethic

Joe Fox is an entrepreneur with an intense work ethic, an attitude that’s well suited to the rapidly evolving hemp industry in Tennessee. He says that with the hemp industry evolving at a fast speed these days, you could easily be left behind if you don’t move quickly.

Fox is a natural networker and a man full of ideas. Working with a team of scientists, collaborators, financial supporters, and consultants, they all have one goal and that’s to make Blühen Botanicals the front-runner in producing the finest quality CBD products. To achieve this goal, the company puts emphasis on research, farmer education, genetics, and in developing a sustainable agricultural economy.

Fox and his team sponsored the recent Southern Hemp Expo held in Nashville and it’s through this that the company is now on their way to making a name in the industry. The expo was a great opportunity for the company to showcase their brand and introduce their role as educators, researchers, and innovators in the growing industry of hemp and CBD.

Blühen Botanicals

Blühen means to flourish or to bloom in German. This is a fitting verb to describe Fox’s ambition to become a leader in the growing hemp industry. He established the company along with his business partner, Erich Maelzer, who took up the role of the Director of Horticulture. Fox is indeed a man of action as evidenced by his approach to the still thriving sustainable agricultural industry.

As a new player in the recent Southern Hemp Expo, the company rolled in with a fast-paced marketing plan, distinctive branding, and by making a splash in the scene while still being considerate to the companies who have paved their way in the industry and established sustainable agriculture even before they came.

Largest Production Facility

Blühen is slated to become the largest hemp extraction and production facility in Tennessee and they have plans to occupy a massive space for their processing warehouse and for their research and development facilities. Known for his passion for historic preservation, Joe Fox plans to restore an old manufacturing building in his hometown of Knoxville to be used for the processing and extraction facility.

Moving at a faster pace is the approach that Fox plans to undertake in order to become a leader in the growing hemp industry. By building hemp facilities that meet the state’s regulations, he believes that he can position the company to become a leader in the hemp industry in the Southeast United States.

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