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Did You Know That Bees Love Hemp?

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When it comes to growing hemp, some growers consider bugs a threat to the plants and do their best to exterminate these invaders. However, bees are an exception when it comes to this. As a matter of fact, hemp growers and beekeepers are said to have a lot of things in common.

Hemp and Bees

Both honey and hemp are natural products that taste great and come with numerous health benefits. But the most valuable trait that the two have in common is the increasing global demand for them.

In one study, it was found that some bees were actually using hemp because these insects find hemp to be attractive. This led to the conclusion that hemp fields are an important part of the bees’ ecosystems. However, unlike humans and some mammals, bees don’t have an endocannabinoid system, which means that they have no cannabinoid receptors. Therefore, even if bees consume hemp, they will not get high since they won’t be able to get access to the THC, the component in cannabis that has psychoactive effects. 

Species of Bees Attracted to Hemp

In Colorado, there are about 66 different bee species. In a study, it was found that 23 of these 66 bee species gravitate towards hemp fields.

The study also discovered that the bees are not the only ones that use the pollen. Certain parasites found in bees are also said to have benefited from it. Although the bees are not taking pollen directly from cannabis, they are using what those other bees are bringing in. The researchers of the study pointed out that the hemp fields have created the dynamics of an ecosystem, which wouldn’t have been possible if not for the cannabis plant.

There’s not enough research to conclude as to what the hemp pollen can do for the bees. For instance, it’s not yet known whether the hemp pollen can be considered a great source of nutrients for the bee larva. What the researchers can confirm is that there are not many plants in the area of their study that produce pollen other than hemp.

Researchers are hoping to perform more studies on the matter when the cultivation season starts in 2019. They hope that crop scientists who are developing pest control strategies for growing cannabis plants will keep the safety of these bees in mind.

CBD-Infused Honey

Although the bees that feed on cannabis may not be able to produce psychoactive honey, it’s definitely possible to infuse honey with CBD. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something that will get you high. With a little bit of experimentation, you should be able to create your own cannabis-infused honey recipes. You can simply mix some drops of CBD tincture of your choice to some amount of honey and add it to your drink, whether it’s coffee, juice, or tea. This is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of both honey and CBD.

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