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Companies in the US to Start Making Hemp Wood

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One of the most promising products produced out of hemp is hemp wood, an eco-friendly and sustainable timber. The company behind this amazing product is based in Maryland, USA and their goal is to produce hemp wood that looks just like a typical wood but is made from hemp and can be used in many ways, from furniture to flooring. The hemp used in producing the wood has an extremely low amount of THC and was derived from cannabis plants that were cultivated in Kentucky.

The company leased a facility in Western Kentucky that’s around 11,000 square feet and is specifically intended for the production of hemp wood products. They have also revealed that they have recently contracted delivery of 800 tons of hemp stalks from the hemp growers of Kentucky, which should be enough to get their operations running.

Similar to Oak Processing

The process of hemp wood is based on a system that mimics the oak tree’s growth cycle. It mimics the wood’s stability, hardness, and density. But the biggest advantage of hemp over oak is that the crop has a much faster growing time and has a greater density as well. It can be used in a wide range of wood-based applications, such as the manufacturing of furniture and in home construction. In fact, it’s a great material for flooring.

The hemp wood products come in the form of blocks and pre-cut boards. Depending on what they are used for, the wooden blocks are also being sold in the form of flooring boards, skateboards, cutting boards, and more. Although it’s almost similar to oak, hemp wood is way cheaper than the real oak wood.

Tax Incentives and Providing Employment

With the development of hemp wood, the company received $300,000 in tax incentives from the Economic Development Finance Authority of Kentucky. Depending on the company’s performance, the company may be able to keep some of its investment when they meet the state’s employment and investment goals. They are planning to employ 25 people for a start and plan to hire from the free job and recruitment placement services in Kentucky’s Skills Network.

Indeed, hemp wood is a great wooden alternative that opens up new possibilities in the furniture and construction industry while emphasizing the amazing capabilities of hemp in various sectors.

Why Choose Hemp Wood

There are many reasons why hemp wood is now a preferred material for woodworking and construction. First of all, the material is environment-friendly. Cultivation of hemp takes carbon from the atmosphere, which is a good thing for the environment.

Hemp is a renewable resource that will only take less than six months to cultivate and process. On the other hand, Oak trees take decades before they can fully mature, harvested, and made into timber.

Indeed, hemp wood is a great product for furniture and construction, with economic and environmental advantages for both the consumers and the growers. Instead of importing resources from other countries, hemp can be manufactured within the United States, producing jobs for the people and opening more opportunities for the local farmers.

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