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Can CBD Beer Help You Relax?

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CBD is safe and comes with several therapeutic benefits including relieving pain and relaxation. Unlike THC, the CBD will not make you feel high and it also comes with several beneficial compounds that can help you in a lot of ways. One of the latest ways in which the CBD is used is in a beer. Developed by Thierry Florit and Carl Boon, the CBD beer contains 10mg of high-quality CBD in every bottle.

Benefits of CBD Beer

If you’re dealing with some chronic pain in your body, you can simply drink the CBD beer instead of the regular beer and you’ll be able to benefit from the healing properties of the CBD oil. Drinking beer is a refreshing way to get the relaxing benefits that come with CBD.

The CBD works as an effective pain reliever and can stop chronic pain for several hours. It can treat back pains, headaches, and other kinds of body pains. Drinking CBD-infused beer is much better than taking over-the-counter medications that come with harmful side effects.

Developing the CBD Beer

Specific details regarding the development process of the CBD beer have to be kept confidential because of the competitive nature of the CBD market. However, the makers revealed that they have spent a lot of time testing and doing several trials.

The actual process of production is exclusive to the company as well as the water-soluble CBD that was used in the beer. Furthermore, they have worked with a leading London based brewery and have adhered to the traditional methods of brewing a beer that uses malts and hops. The full spectrum cannabis oil extract that was used for the manufacturing is also organic.

But despite the stringent restrictions imposed on CBD and cannabis-infused products in the UK, the main problem that comes with developing the beer is a different reason. The original name of the beer was blocked since it has a similar name to a New Zealand based wine company.

Successful Organic Beer Formula

Despite the setback they faced, they have continuously improved the product. They have rebranded, rebottled, and re-brewed before releasing in the market under a new name. The formula was also improved in order to make it fully organic.

However, UK’s laws on CBD do have an impact on the way CBD is marketed. Thus, the makers are very careful about what they have to say when they start advertising the CBD infused beer. Despite the numerous potential health benefits that come with the CBD, it’s still classified by the FDA as a food supplement, and therefore, it cannot be recommended as a treatment for certain illnesses.

Nevertheless, drinking CBD beer is totally safe. It’s made from organic ingredients that will not trigger any harmful side effects. In fact, customers who have tried the beer have said that they didn’t experience any hangovers.

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