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Bogus Claims about CBD Candy Spread by Media this Halloween

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CBD has always been a controversial product and topic whenever it’s discussed. If the latest news on CBD oil is anything to go by, this doesn’t seem like it will be changing anytime soon. There have been a lot of news here and there about CBD, and given that Halloween is here, everyone wants to make it one Halloween to remember.

If you are keen on the news, you will realize a lot of CBD news pieces, some so scary you might think twice about letting your young ones out for trick or treating. Most of the news outlets are simply painting a very bad picture of CBD as it is.

To be fair, all these are media lies on CBD Halloween aimed at creating an unnecessary alarm and tainting an industry that’s still in the infancy stage. Granted, there are people who are so uptight that they cannot open up to the prospect of having CBD oil readily available. However, to be clear, no one is planning to give your children CBD edibles.

What is sad is that even after decades of research into the benefits of CBD, there are still people who can use their influence on the media to tarnish the safety and benefits of hemp. This is the reason behind the misinformation and fear, using journalists who have barely done any research on the subject matter.

Stories have been shared on social media and in media outlets about the risks of children receiving edibles during Halloween. Due to the legalization of cannabis, it’s now legal to prepare and use marijuana treats. However, that doesn’t mean that somebody will give it to your children.

Most of these news publications are simply written as clickbait, to drive traffic and create unnecessary fear. These products are kept away from the reach of children, and the labels clearly indicate that.

So, where did the media go wrong with their misinformed publishing about hemp and CBD? There are a number of false rumors in news stories that don’t make any sense.

Here are some of them:

  • CBD Makes You High – This is a lie. CBD cannot make you high because it doesn’t contain THC, which is present in marijuana. In fact, it’s important to note that the media outlet, WRAL, had to put up a correction notice, for claiming the presence of THC in a CBD-infused gummy.
  • CBD is Not Safe in Any Form – In whichever form it’s used, CBD is safe for consumption. Besides, it’s almost impossible for you to overdose on CBD.
  • CBD is Very Expensive – For someone to give away CBD for free to children, they would be insane. CBD doesn’t come cheap. In fact, upon consulting with the local police, they admit that they have never found any CBD product on children or in a school campus.
  • CBD for Children – It’s important to note that there are children who are taking CBD. However, this is under the supervision of a medical expert. The CBD is administered to treat or manage certain conditions that they might be struggling with, like epilepsy.

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