About us

American Golden Biotech Inc. (AGB) was established in early 2018. The company was founded with the sole objective of making hemp-based products such as CBD isolate and a wide range of oils accessible to users across the world. We have a farm in Kentucky where we plant and cultivate all our 100% natural hemp. We cultivate and produce high-quality CBD seeds, oils, and other related products. Our hemp products have been useful in diverse industries from health and wellness and textile to construction of homes using hemp-based materials. Our key focus is however on growing hemp for medicinal uses.

Why hemp?

All our products are derived from hemp extracts and are even approved by the FDA for medicinal use. Hemp is an important plant with over 25,000 uses in diverse industries from fibers, textiles and construction to health, beauty, and beverages.

Our company’s key objectives are to promote organic farming of natural health products, promotion of natural health remedies and supplement products, and the use of innovative technologies and research in production and processing of hemp-based agricultural products.

We are committed to ensuring that CBD reaches its full potential. As a registered company, we are permitted to grow and process hemp-based products countrywide. We use the latest organic farming technologies, high-quality seeds, and the best extraction equipment to provide our customers with the highest quality of CBD products. We also follow strict quality control and testing processes to ensure that we only deliver high-quality, safe, and effective products. The company’s goal is to grow the CBD industry and help consumers across the world live better and more fulfilling lives.


our mission

From your needs to your needs

As a natural remedies company, we focus on using the healing power of nature to improve your overall health and well-being. Our mission starts with identifying your health needs and working towards fulfilling those specific needs. The goal is to improve and promote our customers’ quality of life, good health and longevity. Our hemp-derived supplements are made using organic herbs that we personally grow and process to ensure high quality and efficacy. Our philosophy revolves around using in-depth research and knowledge on the best herbal supplements and natural products made from organic hemp extracts to help you meet your health needs.

Use natural from natural

Our mission is to help people and their pets live a more fulfilling pain-free life through the use of natural health products. We use natural health products derived from natural sources. Our natural hemp products derived from 100% natural processes. We take great pride in our natural approach to growing, processing, and selling the cleanest and purest hemp-derived products on the market today. We have managed to keep our CBD easily accessible and affordable to every consumer thanks to our cost-effective natural approach. Our products come free of synthetic ingredients and dyes that would interfere with your body’s natural healing process.

Everyone's health in our mind

We have everyone’s health in our mind. This is why we strive to provide you with natural high-quality health products to help you take greater responsibility for your health. We are fully committed to humanity’s pursuit to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. We believe natural medicine provides a positive alternative to conventional medicine and should be accessible to all. At American Golden Biotech Inc. (AGB) we make your health and overall well-being the core of our business. This is what drives us to continuous research on how to keep on delivering the best quality and affordable hemp products and services for you and your pets.

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