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A Hemp Company in Western Australia is Harvesting Bumper Crop

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This week, one of Western Australia’s biggest industrial hemp crops was harvested. The company behind it is now considering exporting the crops. They have harvested a total of 15 hectares close to the Margaret River, which should be enough to supply Perth’s wholesale food market.

Thanks to the relaxing regulations in both the state and national level, industrial hemp can now be used as an ingredient for food and for medical grade cannabis products that are sold in pharmaceuticals. All these have opened up new markets for hemp producers in Western Australia. As of the moment, there are more than 90 licensed growers of hemp in the state.

Increase in Production

Hemp Processors WA is expecting for their production to increase by as much as 5,000 percent in the coming months. According to the founder, this year’s crop was also used as a means to test the different varieties of hemp before cultivating the next batch of crop. He further stated that they are set to sow around 500 to 1,000 hectares of the crops in the coming years.

The WA will first set up a processing plant equipped with specialist hemp machinery. They will then be taking delivery of the first ever sorting and de-hulling machines in the coming week. Before, these companies had to send their seeds to the East Coast to be processed or use a time-consuming and more laborious method of processing the seeds.

Makes Packaging Easier

The company believes that the machine will be a great use for the industry as it makes packaging so much easier, especially for the edible market. In the feature, they are planning to purchase an innovative hemp decorticator. This machine is capable of turning the stems of the plants into fiber.

They believe that the industry of hemp is gaining steam globally, which is why they are very confident about their plans to expand. Industrial hemp has at least 50,000 uses and they are very excited to explore all the possibilities, especially in terms of biodegradable plastics that are used in making plastic bags, PVC pipes, clothing fabric, health foods, paper products, carpets, vinyl, and more.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Almost every industry could benefit from hemp, making it a great alternative to products and materials that are often harmful to the environment. The company is prioritizing the local markets before looking into meeting the demand in the Asian market. Asia often looks out to Australia when it comes to product quality and that’s the company’s long-term goal. Since the country is out of season, they believe that they are able to fill the gaps.

Before establishing the business, the founder used to run a cattle business 10 years ago. He decided to get into the hemp industry after he attended a talk about the industry in the civic center of Margaret River. He believes that he can turn this into a serious industry supplying the entire state. This is especially useful for the local wheat farmers who are in the marginal years as the crop can grow anywhere.

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