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6 Countries That Grow the Most Hemp

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Now that more and more states are legalizing hemp, the United States has finally made it to the list of the top growers of hemp around the world. China is still the number one followed by Canada.

Below is the list of the top 6 hemp-growing countries in the world.

  1. China

China has been wise enough not to ban industrial hemp. In fact, the country produces up to 44,000 metric tons of hemp a year, accounting for 38% of the overall hemp production in the world. China is also on the lead when it comes to the production of hemp textiles and has been exporting them to various countries around the world. In fact, the country is the primary supplier of hemp products in the United States.

  1. Canada

Between 2016 and 2017, it was reported that Canadian farmers saw an 80 percent increase in the overall production of hemp in the country. This alone explains why the country landed the second spot in this list. Most of the hemp cultivation in Canada focuses on extracting seeds for hemp oils, hulled hemp seeds, and hemp protein powders. And although the country reported an upward trend of hemp production, there are signs of a potential decline. In fact, some experts have observed that the country is producing way more hemp than what the people need.

  1. USA

It’s only recently that the US made it into the list of the world’s top producers of hemp. In 2018, there were 78,176 total acres of hemp that was grown. This massive expansion made the country to land a spot in this list and that’s thanks to the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill. Right now, most of the hemp that’s cultivated in the US is grown for the purpose of CBD production. Others are used in fabric, textiles, and hempcrete.

  1. France

Unknown to many, the French are actually front-runners in the production of hemp seeds. In fact, they account for 59% of the overall production in the world. The country also produces a big share of Europe’s hemp paper, which accounts for more than 50% of the fiber applications. The hemp cultivars of France are suitable for the production of fiber and grain, and these are the specific varieties that the industry demands.

  1. Chile

Chile is the biggest producer of hemp in all of South America. The country also hosts one of the world’s largest hemp trade fair, which is why they deserve to be on this list. In fact, the production of hemp in Chile is around 4,385 tons each year and they are the third leading producer of hemp seeds all over the world.

  1. North Korea

This might come as a surprise to many but North Korea is among those countries that have been growing hemp for centuries. In fact, hemp plays an important role in the culture of North Koreans. Traditional weavers have relied on hemp fiber to make funeral clothing. The country’s laws on cannabis are not as strict as that of its neighboring countries. Those who have visited the country have seen locals openly smoking the leaves in public.

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