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5 Life-Changing Health Benefits Of CBD For Seniors

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The longing for wellbeing is something that crosses the boundaries of age, especially in our times when ailments do not discriminate between age groups. Still, the same health issues aggravate with time, making older people more vulnerable to their impacts. What’s more troubling is their decreasing endurance for conventional medicinal drugs that accompany many side-effects. In this scenario, seeking an alternate healing component is not a luxury, but a fundamental requirement for our senior confidants.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD majorly comes from Industrial Hemp plants, one of the strains of Cannabis Sativa. With extraordinary therapeutic value, CBD is one of the most regarded natural healing elements that treat various critical health issues like pain, inflammation, epilepsy, etc.

Let us have a look at five life-changing health benefits Of CBD for the elderly:  

1. Can reduce anxiety and improve mood:

With age, the problems of life also tend to multiply, especially issues related to our health. When one is uncomfortable at the physical level, it is natural to have a disturbed mind and irritated mood. The alienation and indifference the society offers to the elderly only exacerbate the situation. The combination of their unstable health, social estrangement, and uncertain future can make them highly anxious. Sometimes, they become dependent on medicines or, worse, on addictive substances.

CBD is a substance that can help to reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance cognitive functions by interacting with Adenosine and Serotonin receptors. According to studies, CBD assists in curing anxiety and makes people restful. Moreover, if one takes recourse to CBD for improving their psychological setup, one can easily get rid of the dependency on medicinal drugs that have a stressful impact on aging bodies.  

2. Helps to manage pain and inflammation:


If there is one common problem that most of our seniors suffer from, it is an unbearable pain of various kinds. Besides going through the pain of the joints, muscles, and neck, older adults often suffer from chronic ailments like Migraines and Sciatica Nerve pain. The situation only worsens with issues like Arthritis, which troubles almost half of the senior citizens. These critical issues cause discomfort, creating problems in sitting, walking, and other basic physical movements.

CBD can help treat different sorts of pain with its proven track record against pain, inflammation, and other neuropathic problems. The advantage of CBD in treating chronic pain is that it can treat both nociceptive and neuropathic pain. Besides managing pain, CBD takes care of bone health, where it resists a medical condition called Osteoporosis. In Osteoporosis, generally, the aged populace suffers a loss of vital nutrients from their bones, making them fragile. Thus, CBD is a potent remedy for pains and related issues occurring throughout the human body.  Seniors can search for various strains at various online dispensary Canada retailers and reap the benefits.

3. Can improve sleep and aid in recovery:

Although people across age groups suffer from lack of proper sleep, it certainly takes more out of the aged bodies. With age, sleep patterns change due to various factors, and most people are unable to cope with it. Other reasons like anxiety, physical troubles (like muscle strains, body aches, bone fractures, etc.), and the lack of proper workout also lead to a lack of sleep, which sometimes escalates to insomnia. The lack of sleep, in turn, leaves the elderly all the more exhausted and weak. Such a condition makes them more susceptible to diseases, and it also delays the natural recovery process from existent issues.

Along with its healing properties, CBD can help treat insomnia. CBD helps the elderly to be relaxed and assists them in having a full sleep. A night of proper sleep is going to decrease stress on the body and will improve immunity, which becomes crucial as we age. It is interesting to note that cannabinoids like CBD work a lot better when used together with another powerful cannabis compound, THC. The combination of CBD dosage with a proper thc delivery can work wonders for seniors due to the entourage effect they will create.

4. Might curb depression and keeps neurodegenerative diseases at bay:


The relation between old age and depression is nothing surprising. A long-time sufferer of stress and anxiety can easily fall prey to depression. Besides psycho-social issues, nervous breakdowns and neurodegenerative diseases also cause depression. While depression in itself is a tough thing to handle for the elderly, diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s completely alienate the seniors and render them unfit for the bustling society.

In this regard, CBD comes to the fore with its antidepressant prowess. CBD achieves this by interacting with Serotonin in the human body. A balanced level of Serotonin keeps the person happy, which solves half the problem. By interacting with the central nervous system of the human body, CBD can also treat neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. According to research, cannabinoids like CBD treats agitation and aggression that are the major symptoms of such ailments. CBD’s ability to handle acute pain also becomes crucial in such severe ailments where the patient suffers unimaginable pain. CBD’s capacity to provide excellent sleep also helps deal with such diseases.

5. Works without any side-effects and helps in combating addiction and drug-dependency:

Most of the older people we know depend on one kind of prescription medication or the other. Although these medicines provide temporary relief, they make people dependant on them in the long run. The strong substances used in these medicines cause a lot of damage to the overall health, especially when a patient is an older adult with low resilience. The situation gets worse when prescription medicines are not enough to cure critical issues, and the sufferers take recourse to addictive substances like Heroin.

Hemp-derived CBD is entirely free of side effects. It not only handles the root diseases, but it also increases the impact of medicines and pain-relieving opioids like morphine. A consistent dose of CBD prevents relapses and restricts patients from falling back on the addictive substance. Another essential thing to remember is that victims of acute pain resort to addictive substances because they can’t bear the extremity of the pain, and regular medicines take time to provide relief. In this regard, CBD can be a life-saver with its fast reaction time. Thus, CBD handles both the causes and the act of addiction.

CBD Dosage:


CBD dosage depends on the taste, medical condition, and tolerance level of the individual. However, it is prudent that you begin with a concentration level of below 10 mg/ day. CBD oil becomes active in the human system much faster than CBD edibles. Then there are vapes, pills, and skin lotions. It’s best to consult an expert on the mode of consumption and the dose required.

Final words on the goodness of CBD for seniors:

While old age is a certainty, suffering from critical illness is not. CBD’s health benefits and its recent popularization combined with its easy accessibility are good things for the seniors of the society. One just has to be mindful of the medium of CBD consumption and the suitable dosage. One can discuss with an expert should the flood of choices confuse him. In any case, CBD will bestow seniors with a new life by rejuvenating their whole system.


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