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5 Best Hemp Expo Events in 2019

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One of the most effective ways to spread awareness about cannabis worldwide is by organizing and attending hemp expos. These events are a gathering of hundreds and even thousands of cannabis advocates, along with some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry. This is also where you can listen to talks from cannabis experts and gain useful insight into this growing industry.

Whether you are a customer, investor, entrepreneur, or just anyone who is curious about the industry, here’s a list of the hemp business expos to attend in 2019.

  1. Europe CBD Expo in London 2019

Europe has a growing market of CBD and attending the Europe CBD Expo in London will open you up to various business opportunities. Happening in July, the event will be held in a 4,000 square meter of exhibition area with 81 exhibitors participating. There are also educational zones and talks from the leaders of the industry. This is truly an exciting business expo to attend, especially for those who want to learn more about the industry of medical CBD and cannabis. What’s great is that the tickets for this event only cost £40.

  1. Cannafest in Prague, Czech Republic

Cannafest is a popular hemp expo considered to be the biggest cannabis trade show in the world. This year, it will take place in the Czech Republic where thousands of exhibitors and participants are expected to attend. The Cannafest is now in its 9th year and this year, it will take place in November at the beautiful city of Prague, at the PVA Expo. Visitors will be treated to various cannabis exhibitions that include cultivation of seeds, fertilizers, as well as accessories for smoking and vaping.

  1. CWCB Expo in New York

The CWCB Expo in New York is a gathering of business people in the legalized cannabis industry. This trade show is held three times a year and this is where the largest financial, media, and business markets gather. It’s one of the leading events attended by the growers, suppliers, investors, government regulators, and medical professionals in the field of CBD. Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their CBD business shouldn’t miss this event.

  1. ICBC San Francisco

The ICBC or International Cannabis Business Conference is the 5th annual international business conference on cannabis held in San Francisco, California. This business expo is a great venue for business enthusiasts and cannabis-related companies to learn more about the market. Several cannabis experts will be giving talks and speeches in this growing industry with the aim to educate the public about this thriving industry.

  1. ICBC Barcel

The ICBC Barcelona is the European version of the ICBC in San Francisco. This Spain-based hemp expo is also a gathering of cannabis experts and advocates, similar to its US counterpart. The ICBC Barcelona will include an expo floor that features exhibits of different cannabis products produced by world-renowned cannabis-related companies. It will also include speeches and talks from the experts of the cannabis industry that aim to educate business professionals who are interested in taking part in this growing market.

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