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42% of CBD Users Have Given Up on Pharmaceutical Drugs

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A recent study shows that a lot of consumers are now giving up on conventional drugs and are taking CBD or cannabidiol instead. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids obtained from hemp, along with THC. But unlike THC, the CBD will not make you feel high.

In the study, which was released in August, a market research firm conducted a survey on the 2,400 registered users of the Hello MD, which is a medical cannabis advocacy website. One of the most significant findings was that 42% of those who are now using CBD admitted that they have stopped using pharmaceutical drugs and are now relying on the use of cannabis for treatment.

CBD is More Effective than Pharmaceutical Drugs

Hello MD has reported that 52% of those who responded on their survey admitted that they find the CBD to be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. The authors also stated that these people use the CBD to treat a wide range of medical conditions that include insomnia, anxiety, joint pain, depression, and inflammation.

An increasing number of scientific studies supports these CBD users’ experiences when using CBD. Some scientists have uncovered concrete evidence that supports the use of CBD in treating insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia, and various forms of chronic pain.

Effective But Not a Miracle Cure

However, experts agree that neither the CBD nor other forms of cannabis can be considered miracle cures. It’s also important to note that most people, about 57% of them, have reported that they have continuously used both pharmaceutical drugs and CBD together. In addition, they were also slightly more likely to agree that CBD is indeed more effective compared to over the counter drugs. Yet, both users have admitted to feeling satisfaction when using CBD. Indeed, it’s clear to see that although the CBD can be beneficial for several people, it cannot totally replace prescription drugs and traditional Western medicine.

Although the recent study must not be dismissed, it somewhat differs from the type of researches that are being published in various scientific journals. Registered users of the Hello MD are already predisposed to having interest in using all forms of cannabis while those who found it to be ineffective could be less likely to respond to the survey. The study didn’t include a placebo group, which one would find in other conventional medical studies. More research is needed in order to determine if the CBD is indeed more effective in treating various health illnesses compared to conventional drugs.

The Future is Bright for CBD

Aside from the potential profits that cannabis growers and vendors can earn, the study also presents the vast healing potentials of CBD. Hopefully, the medical industry will eventually recognize the use of cannabis for treatment and that the government will continuously remove any barriers that would stop people from using cannabis and hemp in all forms and ways and prevent them from enjoying its various medical benefits.

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